A zero-trust collaboration workspace for IT management

An IT operations workspace which supports privileged access management, incident management, collaboration, remote access, online lab, IT asset management, and knowledge sharing capabilities within a zero-trust security boundary 

Your customer’s IT operations workspace

 Your own  IT operations workspace

An innovative SaaS platform to address the challenges of incident response and remote IT support in a hybrid IT environment


Features full-stack security capabilities: zero-trust remote access, MFA (multi-factor authentication), PAM (privileged access management), password vault, and sandbox.


A dedicated lab environment for each IT event and incident makes it very simple to deploy IT operations tools and construct a troubleshooting environment.


An incident-ready workspace integrated with collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools guarantees the efficiency of incident response.

Zero-trust based approach

Workspaces are created with a zero-trust philosophy — all IT operations are protected against fraud, human misconduct, and cyber-attacks. 

IT management in one dashboard

Workspaces provide unified and real-time visibility into IT performance, and help IT engineers spot and respond to incidents more quickly.

Workspaces for collaboration

Collaboration for IT operations requires so much more than communications and messaging tools. It must also entail the delivery of an on-demand, incident-centric workspace which supports remote access,  data collection and analytics, and knowledge-sharing capabilities.

IT ops in the virtual lab

In a workspace, a dedicated virtual lab environment can be created for different purposes: incident response, troubleshooting, online training, PoC, and configuration validation.

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