About us

Mission and Vision

Understanding that IT infrastructures and IT services are transitioning from a private LAN-centric model to a cloud-based open WAN-centric model in the age of cloud computing, Abloomy is committed to driving innovation to help customers keep up. Our innovative Smart-Edge architecture provides a one-stop solution for SMBs, distributed enterprises, SI, and MSPs, helping them simplify their digital transformation via cloud adoption by automating cloud-networking and IT services. Our products and solutions cover several areas – cloud WiFi, SDWAN. This not only helps SMBs and distributed enterprises succeed in the cloud era, but also allows MSPs to harness the cloud’s ability to handle the complex cloud-based deployment and network dependencies of their customers’ business applications.


As a cloud wifi provider since 2014, Abloomy has served more than 20000 customers with our cloud WiFi solution, during this journey, Abloomy found that servicing customers remotely is not easy, it involves easing security concerns from customers, customer’s environment setup to reproduce the problem, and how to collaborate efficiently among our own support engineers and customer’s IT task force.

Collabshield was initially a project started at Abloomy to solve our own problems around 2018.

By 2019, we’ve found Collabshield works well in helping us — solving customer’s issues remotely with security and efficiency and we extended its use in manage our distributed work environment as well.

In 2020, Abloomy started to give the product trial to its customers and people loves it and they also give us many inputs to fine tune it.

Here we hope you also give the product a try and we’d love to have your feedback as well.