Experience a PAM-enabled IT  management and collaboration platform.


$300/year up to 30 managed devices, billed annually

$30/month up to 30 managed devices, billed monthly

More than 30 managed devices, contact us for custom quote  

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  • Secure Vault and Password management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Role based Authorization with Least Privilege Access Control
  • Auditing and Report
  • Sessions Monitoring and Control
  • Abnormal Activities Alert
  • Automatic Assets Importing
  • Visualized Assets Management
  • Topology management
  • Faulty Device Management
  • Status monitor of all kinds of device
  • Monitor all the data in one dashboard
  • Generate Real-time Alarm
  • Event creation
  • Event processing
  • Create an on-demand, incident-centric workspace
  • Pre-create a workspace 
  • Collaboration enabled inside workspace
  • Create a lab with workspace