Workspace enabled collaboration

IT Ops collaboration is time consuming, costly, and filled with unnecessary risks and complexities. CollabShield changes that reality with a single cloud tool

Create an on-demand, incident-centric workspace

It is a complete workspace for all IT ops, it contains a run-book, team, devices, topologies, tools, documents, and other necessary resources.

Workspace can also be pre-created

Workspace can be used as a simulation environment and can also be pre-created beforehand to shorten the incident solving time.

Collaboration by nature

Engineers can work in the same workspace to solve the problem together without depending on any other collaboration tools

Inside Secure Boundary

Each workforce, including in-house engineer, third-party engineer, and freelancer, has a dedicated account registered with their real identity, which MFA can authenticate. The account can also be created for a contingently invited engineer. Each account is assigned a role and managed under an organization, and the role and the organization define its least privilege and the session control policy for each IT operation involved

Built for Remote IT and Distributed Resources

Engineers with different location can work on the same workspace