IT Management

IT management delivered from one dashboard

Collabshield offers various tools to manage IT assets and events, monitor IT performance, and generate alerts.

Assets Management

Automatic Assets Importing

IT assets can either be automatically discovered and imported with network scans conducted by SSN products or uploaded with spreadsheet files.

Visualized Assets Management

 The visual asset tree facilitates quick query and management of assets by cataloging device type, IP, MAC, version, physical location, department, user, images, and other asset details.

Topology management

The topology can accurately present the position of the device in the network

Faulty Device Management

The faulty device is associated with the event or the incident and the responsible engineer; its faulty status is synced and updated with the status of the event or the incident and the task progress of the responsible engineer.



Status monitor of all kinds of device

Monitor the status of PCs, servers, and network devices, including online/offline, CPU, memory, disk space, and network traffic.

Monitor all the data in one dashboard

The historical and real-time monitoring data can be viewed intuitively in the dashboard.

Generate Real-time Alarm

Provide fault log, support real-time alarm via email and/or SMS.


Event Management

Event creation

 An event can be created as a task of normal IT operations such as updating software or configuration or an incident when a fault happens. The ticket of the event is sent to the responsible engineers via email or SMS.

Event processing

 An event is composed of one or more tasks that are assigned to the responsible engineers; the progress of the tasks is tracked. Online collaboration and knowledge-sharing functions help the engineers efficiently finish the tasks.