Manage Customer Network with PAM

Your customer’s IT operation workspace

You can provide this workspace for your customers as a SaaS, or provide managed service for your customers with this workspace

Zero-trust remote access and privileged access management create a fully secure boundary for all the IT Ops from anywhere

Zero- trust Remote Access

On-demand, zero trust, client-less access

Management and Monitor Tools

Includes monitoring, alert, asset management, incident management, and auditing tools


Granular Access control, secure password vault, least privilege server protection

Built-in Collaboration

Through a shared workspace and lab, collaboration can be carried out without the need to bring in outside tools and potentially create security holes.

Actual Working Environment

Bring distributed devices into a virtual workspace with incident-based in-tact data collection

Auditing and Knowledge sharing

All discussion and command scripts carried on in the workspace are recorded for audition and saved in the workspace to foster knowledge sharing


A lab environment connecting local devices with online virtual tools to create a virtual online workspace for remote validation and troubleshooting

An on-demand, incident-centric workspace that supports collaboration, lab, data collection/analytics, and knowledge sharing.

Become a SaaS provider to your customers


Customer branding is provided

Provide SaaS to your customer

Host a node in your on-premise server or your cloud server to become a SaaS provider instantly

Workforce Management

Vendors engineers, consultants, and your own staff can all be brought into the workplace on the go with a detailed time log and activity record.

Cooperation From Anywhere

Cooperation is ensured with security and ease, requires no password handover, and becomes incident-driven       

Allocate IT staff efficiently and manage your customer’s network securely and effectively in one platform