Manage Own Network with PAM

Your own IT operations workspace

Transform your IT Ops into an incident-ready workspace for SRE with zero-trust remote access, collaboration, incident management and response

Zero-trust remote access and privileged access management create a fully secure boundary for all the IT Ops from anywhere

Zero- trust Remote Access

On-demand, zero-trust, client-less access

Management and Monitor Tools

Includes monitoring, alert, asset management, incident management, and auditing tools


Granular Access control, secure password vault, least privilege server protection

Built-in Collaboration

Through a shared workspace and lab, collaboration can be carried out without the need to bring in outside tools and potentially create security holes.

Actual Working Environment

Bring distributed devices into a virtual workspace with incident-based in-tact data collection

Auditing and Knowledge sharing

All discussion and command scripts carried on in the workspace are recorded for audition and saved in the workspace to foster knowledge sharing


A lab environment connecting local devices with online virtual tools to create a virtual online workspace for remote validation and troubleshooting

An on-demand, incident-centric workspace that supports collaboration, lab, data collection/analytics and knowledge sharing.

Build an incident-ready workspace for SRE


Preset targeted workspace — team (including third parties), environment (devices and topologies), tools, documents, tasks, knowledge, etc.


Instantly activate the preset workspace, remote and instant access by the team; ensure the perfect collaboration of team, knowledge, and machine intelligence, and collect data completely


Based on the intact data collected, review the incident handling process, analyze the cause of the incident, research and optimize solutions, and enrich the knowledge base

  • Workforce Management

Vendors engineers, consultants, and your own staff can all be brought into the workplace on the go with a detailed time log and activity record.

  • Cooperation From Anywhere

Cooperation is ensured with security and ease, requires no password handover, and becomes incident-driven       

Bring in external IT staff easily without compromising security, Cultivate knowledge-sharing, and staff growth.